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The need for a reliable, secure interoperability protocol

With roughly a billion smart home devices shipping every year, there’s a clear need for a standard in interoperability and security for home IoT. Until recently, there was no protocol for how IoT devices interact with each other and to networks and hubs like Google Nest, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa—making secure connections and consumer convenience difficult to deliver. That’s why Matter was created.

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What is Matter?

Matter is a unifying standard for seamless smart home connectivity. Manufacturers can simplify device development while providing a more friendly and compatible product to consumers.

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Device Attestation Certificates (DACs) issued from trusted PKI roots provide encryption, identity, and authentication to devices.

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Local connection over Wi-Fi enables security and consistent interactivity, even when cloud access isn’t possible.

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Native communication and operation between any Matter-compliant device and any hub from any manufacturer.

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Easy to buy, easy to set up, easy to use.

How do Matter smart home certificates work?

Secure communication and interoperability in Matter devices use certificates issued from trusted roots.


Certificate lifecycle management

Integrating Matter into your device is fast and easy with DigiCert® IoT Device Manager. Our lifecycle management solutions speed go-to-market while ensuring your devices meet the Matter protocol, regardless of your production volume or device use case.

DigiCert IoT Device Manager delivers

  • Centralized, full certificate lifecycle management, with options from silicon embedding to OTA field updates and everything between
  • Fast issuance of Device Attestation Certificates on trusted roots, approved by the CSA for that Matter smart home standard
  • Seamless integration with your existing manufacturing process
  • High scalability, with the power to issue and manage millions of certificates nearly effortlessly
  • Award-winning support, backed by decades as a world leader in digital trust

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