Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication Solutions – Solid Wall of Security Against Unethical Access

In the world, which is full of dissimilar individuals or personalities; everyone is recognized by their own identity. Let’s take an example of a car, which is usually unlocked by the personal key given to the owner at the time of its purchase. What if, it is unlocked by a non-legitimate source and misused for an illegal purpose. It will certainly be an incommodious situation. Right? The same logic applies in the field of information technology as well wherein a tiny loophole in security can lead to hazardous outcomes. The concept, namely ‘Authentication’ helps you keep these troubles at bay.

Now, let’s understand what is authentication, from the perspective of IT field in a nutshell. The process of validating the legitimacy of a user accessing any application/software is known as authentication. Once the accessibility details provided by the respective user match in the database, the access to application or software is granted. But, if these details do not match in the back-end, the respective user is restricted to use that application/software.

Moving forward with the concept of multi-factor authentication, which ensures that the user’s identity is genuine. This methodology is based on three main factors of verification encompassing:

  • Something You Know: We know the secret password, which is used to gain the access to any application/software.
  • Something You Have: It’s about the verification of information that you possess. It comes under two-way authentication (2FA) wherein the respective user not only inputs the username and password for accessibility, but also inputs an auto generated secured code generated in any app or device to access the respective application/software.
  • Something You Are: Well! It comes under multi-factor authentication wherein the user’s identity is verified through bio-metric device. Here, the user’s identity is validated through their finger prints or other related methods.

Studies reveal that multi-factor authentication in IT is one of the most secured methods, which is based on verifying the authenticity of any user through multiple ways. In the IT arena, merely the quality of any product does not vouch its finest output, if it is not configured aptly. Thanks to JNR Management’s decades of proficiency in the PKI industry, which is extremely useful for customers to make their IT security robust with ease. Here are some of the advantages of availing multi-factor authentication solutions through JNR Management:

Flawless Migration: Technology is ever evolving, which is the reason that we have made its migration as easy as falling off a log. We assist our customers to perform quick and reliable migration to cloud-based authentication, which is a wonderful way to secure their online property without any inconvenience.

More Control and Visibility : The Multi-Factor authentication support provided by JNR Management includes the assistance to help customers manage their own token data. Once, they are able to manage it, it certainly brings more clarity to the system.

Fastest Issue Resolution: The technical support offered by JNR Management is available all year round under 24X7 work environment. It means, the technical nuisances can never disrupt your digital world, as the award winning technical assistance is merely a click away.

So, harness the power of digital security to protect your email account, devices and other IT resources.