Ssl-tls-smime certificates

Digital Certificate (SSL/TLS / SMIME) – A Stamp of Top-Notch IT Security

An expert of any subject is known to be the most skillful individual in that area. And, when it is about IT, compromising with security parameters can lead to serious issues for your organization. These negative effects can make you lose your potential/existing customers, which can be the reason of low profits. Well! nobody will ever like to go through this situation. Thus, connecting with an expert can certainly solve the purpose. Here, we will discuss various topics related to digital security from the beginning, which may encompass their meaning, importance, and usage:

Firstly, we will discuss the difference between Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol. And, then we will understand how SSL encryption works?

SSL and TLS are two protocols that are used to encrypt data over the network through digital certificates. Now, let’s understand this concept in brief. A digital certificate is a file that contains a set of codes, installed on your web server for encrypting (converting data into code) your website’s data transmission over the Internet. In other words, it works as a security layer for your website, which establishes a secured connection between a client browser and server. Once you install a digital Certificate on your web server, your website starts running from http to https protocol, which is known to be the secured protocol. An https based website helps you secure your digital presence, and facilitates your customers to build trust on your products and services. On the contrary, TLS protocol is like SSL protocol, but known to be advanced than SSL protocol. Besides benefiting Information Technology (IT), the evolution of technology is helping cybercriminals to further advance cyberattacks too. Here, comes the role of TLS protocol, which is designed to support advanced algorithms of security to combat against more complex Internet threats. In a layman term, TLS protocol is an advanced version of SSL protocol.

Now, let’s figure out what is Secured Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME)? Well! It is a protocol/method, which is used to safeguard your emails through the mechanism, namely encryption. This protocol enables you to encrypt the emails and digitally sign them accordingly. In other words, the email message sent with S/MIME ensures the recipients that the message arrived in their inbox is authenticated.

Here are the top 5 benefits of digital certificates (SSL/TLS / SMIME):

  • Encrypts Your Website’s Data Transmission Over the Internet
  • Enhances Privacy and Data Security
  • Boosts SEO Ranking of Your Website
  • Improves Your Branding in the Market
  • Builds Your Website More Trusted than Non-HTTPS Based Websites
  • Exchange Authenticated & Secured E-mails over the Internet.

Right after making your mind to install a digital certificate, the next question is how to install a digital certificate? Well! digital certificate installation plays a vital role to make the most out of it. An inaptly installed digital certificate can lead to errors, which can be the reason for issues related to your website’s data. Here are some of the commonly occurred errors, which need to be fixed immediately

  • Unable to Install SSL/TLS
  • Certificate Chain Error
  • WordPress SSL Errors
  • Expired SSL/TLS
  • Website says SSL/TLS is Not Trusted
  • Certificate Name Mismatch Error
  • The Page contains Both Secure and Non-Secure Items – Mixed Content Error
  • The Security Certificate Presented by This Website Was Not Issued by a Trusted Certificate Authority
  • Windows Cannot Verify the Digital Signature for This File
  • Digital Signing Configuration Error

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