What Makes Digital Signatures Secure?

Over the past year, organizations are working from home giving a push to remote work due to which more organizations have accelerated their business processes in the digital world. Adding an electronic signature or digital signature in the business processes has created business continuity by eliminating the need for a handwritten signature. These e-signatures allow business organizations to sign any document from anywhere at any time. It saves a lot of time giving businesses a competitive edge and helps in improving customer experiences and trust.



As a result of the pandemic, businesses have changed for good, but they need to take care of online security comparatively more as digital transformation is vulnerable to attacks and potential service failure. Digital signatures are more convenient in nature than handwritten signatures and are more secured in nature. They offer a high level of trust while signing the contracts, agreements, or any other document if done correctly.

However, you cannot just open any document, add a signature digitally and expect it to get secured. To make the digital signature of a document more secure, you need to have a digital document signing service meeting all necessary regulations and encrypt your documents to keep them safe and secured.


Why Use a Digital Signature?

With the reduction in face-to-face interactions, it is critical to ensure trust between individuals and business organizations. Therefore, there is a greater need to build trust between the parties to successfully exchange documents and contracts safely and securely especially when going paperless.

Having document signing solutions will help in building trust and security and eliminate the need for handwritten signatures and face-to-face interactions. Additionally, you can sign documents that are legally binding having a digital certificate with a certified provider.

A digital document signing service:
  • Eliminates the need for having a handwritten signature.
  • Is more convenient as you can digitally sign your documents anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Allows organizations to mass sign the documents and for individuals to securely sign the documents.
  • Is highly secure than a handwritten signature.
  • Can quickly sign the documents digitally with a help of a digital signature.
  • Decreases the cost and human error.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction, trust, and experience.


Benefits Of Digital Document Signing Solutions:

  1. Better Security of Documents:

Imagine the situation when your important documents are misplaced, stolen, or destroyed due to any unforeseen disaster. Nobody wants to get into such crises. Digital signing documents eliminates such chances and makes our documents safe and secured.


  1. Better Customer Service with Faster Transactions:

Digital signatures make business transactions quick and more convenient by allowing your customers/clients to sign important forms or documents electronically. Saving your customers time and empowering them to digitally sign their documents can make them feel happy and satisfied while building new customer relationships.


  1. Simplification Of Business Processes:

Going digital and paperless is a very simple. Digital signatures are very quick and most convenient way to sign your business documents digitally. They save a lot of time and money which in turn simplify day-to-day business processes.


  1. Better Customer Satisfaction:

Digital signature solutions benefit both business organizations and customers. Going paperless helps businesses both in monetary and time-saving terms and customers they serve to get as many rewards as possible in terms of speed and efficiency. A sum of these makes a customer satisfied and businesses love to hear positive feedback from them.


  1. Eradication of fraud:

Digital signatures completely eliminate the risk of forgery because they have a unique digital identity and cannot be decrypted without having a public key and are based on globally accepted Public Key Infrastructure standards. There is no high level of security than signing any document digitally.


  1. Mobile & User Friendly:

You can digitally sign your documents from anywhere at any time, on any device – mobile phones, or laptops. Also, digital signature solutions allow you to send bulk documents to be signed across email, text messages, and QR codes.


How Digital Signatures Are Secured with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure):

When any business organization is working remotely having the clients/parties in different locations, it becomes critical to ensure the secure transfer of your documents and contracts. Also, it becomes important to verify with whom you are doing business. One of the surest ways to secure the digital signing of documents is through PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. PKI proves the identity and authenticity of the document sender and prevents any manipulation of the documents.


With PKI, a digital signature is an encrypted form of the message and cannot be decrypted without having a public key. Someone with a copy of your public key can only decrypt the message sent. As a result, it ensures that the content of your documents will not be altered and helps you to verify the legitimate sender of the documents. Unlike a scanned or typed signature, a digital signature secured with PKI can never be forge.

A digital signing solution must comply with government standards to ensure that a document is legally bound.


Sign Documents with JNR Management:

As a foremost player in PKI Industry, JNR Management provides an easy all-in-one solution for digital document signing. With document signing digital signature, organizations get a high level of trust from their customers/clients that meet their highest legal standards.

No matter where you are in this entire world, we have digital signing solutions for your use case.

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