What Is Email Spoofing? How To Stay Safe From It?


Email spoofing is a forgery where scammers create an email to make it look like it is from a legitimate sender whom you know and would usually respond to, like an email from your CFO asking for money transfer records or from an eCommerce service provider asking for logon to a link and enter login credentials to steal information, credit card information, etc. it is the most common form of cybercriminal activity.

It is a popular choice of attack for cybercriminals because the information is freely available online. All they need to get started is your name, from there they can get to your social media accounts and try to find contact details or information on your co-workers and try to send an email from a forged email address.

How spammers usually spoof emails?

Spammers usually spoof emails to encourage recipients to open, reply, or take some action. The most common being brand spoofing. For example, one might receive an email from “service@Paypa1.com” (ending with number 1, instead of small ‘l’) asking for credit card verification or asking to re-login on a link for reasons that demand prompt action but, the email is from a scammer and not from the actual source. Many innocent users fall into such traps and end up losing access to their accounts or money and data.

Ways forward to Prevent Email Spoofing –

  • Do not click on any E-mail that arrives in unsolicited mail.
  • Pay attention to the warning, the browser is popping up.
  • Have a different unique password for all accounts.
  • Always check how the sender’s email address is spelled
  • Always verify the requests with the actual contact person when in doubt.
  • Be careful of what you plug into your laptop or PC.
  • Backup your computer settings regularly.


To spot a malicious email one should watch out for common indicators like impersonal greetings, misspelled URLs, fear-inducing messages, and anything that makes you feel something is not right then probably it is not, and you should refrain from opening those emails in the first place.

Companies should invest more in improving security infrastructure by applying DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentic, Reporting, and Conformance) and other technologies to prevent spoofing attacks. So overall email spoofing is totally preventable if the end-users remain cautious and be alert when accessing their emails.

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