What is an SSL Certificate? Why should you get one for your website?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL Certificate is the most known Digital certificate that is used to have a secured connection between the Web server and Web browser. It helps to protect & save sensitive user data that is sent across when a connection is established by encrypting the data in transit.

Best SSL Certificate

There are a lot of ways one can buy SSL certificates. One should buy the best SSL certificate from one of the best vendors. SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authority (CA) providers like DigiCert. SSL certificate has a lot of benefits for the users. Websites that have a valid SSL certificate have “s” as a suffix in the name of the protocol used to render the website. E.g. https://jnrmrmanagement.com which is also one of the best SSL certificate providers in India.

Information that is a part of the SSL certificate:

  • The domain name and subdomains
  • Organization/ person/ device to which the certificate was issued.
  • A certificate authority (CA) who has issued a certificate
  • CA’s digital signature
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • Public key
  • Better ranking possibilities on Google

Some intangible benefits of SSL certificates are:

  • SSL certificates can help identify genuine websites from fake ones.
  • Users can view a padlock in the address bar which means the SSL certificate is valid and the website is secure to use.
  • s in HTTPS is an indication that the website is trustworthy from a user’s perspective.

3 categories of SSL Certificate:

There are 3 categories of SSL Certificate: Domain Validation, Organization Validation & Extended Validation.

  1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL: Certificates get issued on the name of a Fully qualified domain name only.
  2. Organization Validation (OV) SSL: These certificates are business-level certificates that have complete organizational details such as organization name, address, city, locality, and much more, which become the part of SSL Certificate.
  3. Extended Validation (EV) SSL: These are the highest-level security certificate in which the Org name displays in the Green address bar of the Browser. These certificates eliminate the risk of phishing. Such types of SSL certificates are recommended for E-commerce websites, Transaction websites, Payment gateways, etc.


Different types of SSL Certificate:

There are 3 types of SSL certificates: single-domain SSL, multi-domain SSL, wildcard SSL.

  1. Single Domain SSL: This kind of SSL certificate only secures the specific hostname on which it gets issued. E.g., if it gets issued on login.abc.com, it will cover login.abc.com only.
  2. Multidomain SSL: A multidomain SSL certificate secures all the domains/subdomains which are added to the certificate. There is no restriction on the number of domains or subdomains you want to add to the single certificate, but there may be additional cost involved. E.g., in a Multidomain SSL certificate, you can add www.abc.com, login.abc.com (Subdomain of abc.com), crm.xyz.in (different domain), etc.
  1. Wildcard SSL:A wildcard SSL certificate secures an unlimited number of 1st level subdomains of the domain on which it gets issued. For Example: if the domain on which the wildcard certificate needs to get issued is xyz.com, it will cover login.xyz.com, www.xyz.com, crm.xyz.com, anything.xyz.com, etc., but it will not cover 2nd level subdomains such as www.crm.xyz.com, login.user.xyz.com, etc. or any other domain such as www.abc.com.


There are plenty of reasons to buy an SSL certificate from a trustworthy SSL certificate provider in India. It becomes even more important to buy a valid SSL with mostly every business moving towards digitalization and the Government itself promoting Digital transformation under the Digital India scheme.


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