Website Security Audit: Why Should You Audit Your Website for Security?

Website Security Audit

If we look at cybersecurity statistics, it will show that data breaches are increasing year on year. Every organization faced some sort of risk even if they have invested in website security and follow all security measures. The reason being online attackers are becoming so sophisticated. This is where website security audit plays an important role. A reliable website security audit is one that analysis the web system and its security standards for all kind of vulnerabilities and loopholes.

What Is A Website Security Audit?

A website security audit is a complete evaluation and systematic analysis of security measures and protocols used by the organization to protect and secure its IT infrastructure. It assesses the overall performance of security systems and the set of rules employed by the organization against a set of pre-defined criteria. It validates the security posture and makes a comparison between the actual performance and pre-established criteria and tells the organization if there is any loophole in the security measures.

The website audit list down all the hidden vulnerabilities, loopholes and any misconfigurations in security infrastructure followed by a penetration test and so on. A thorough security audit tests the security of the entire web system’s infrastructure.


What does website security audit assess?

A website security audit may assess the following:

  • Themes
  • Software
  • SSL connections
  • Hardware and software configurations
  • Server setting
  • User practices
  • Extensions
  • Information handling processes
  • Third-party components
  • Emails, etc.

In a website audit, the audit tests each of the above against past and potential future risks. To effectively perform the audit, the security team who is conducting the audit must be well trained and updated on the latest security trends and measures taken by the organizations to respond to the threats.


Why Should You Audit Your Website for Security?

  • Validate The Security Posture:

The website security audit is one of the best ways to validate the overall security system used by the organization. All security strategies and methods used by the organization are verified and validated under this and give a clear and precise picture of whether they are working or not.


  • Saves Band Image and Financial Resources:

Cybersecurity attacks and data breaches cause several financial losses and damage to brand reputation. So, website security audits help businesses to help business organizations to identify security weaknesses and help to resolve them.


  • First Mover Advantage Against Hackers:

A reliable website security audit helps to identify all loopholes, hidden vulnerabilities, any misconfigurations in security infrastructure and gaps in IT infrastructure. By identifying them proactively, organizations can take a step forward in order to fix them before the attackers find them and cause loss/harm to the organization.


  • Examine The Flow of Data Within The Organization:

A Website security audit allows team to examine the flow of data within the organization and review the technology and procedures used for anti-data breach measures. This helps the organizations to know that no data is stolen or lost within the organization.


  • Security Compliance Requirement:

A website security audit is also a matter of compliance for business organizations. Any organization that belongs to a highly reputed industry need regular security audits for frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, etc. so, security audit becomes a matter of compliance which businesses need to fulfill.


  • Identify And Resolve Issues In Security Policies:

The security team identifies any issue in the organization’s security policies, procedures and standards through a proper security audit. They inform about the issues found affecting the organization’s IT infrastructure security. By doing this, an organization can make necessary changes to policies and procedures, thus protecting its security posture.



Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day and any delay in identifying an organization’s security weaknesses can cause harm to the business and increase the costs. A regular and reliable website security audit protects your website, saves your valuable resources and ensures protection against online cybersecurity attacks.

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