Verified Mark Certificate (VMC): Display Your Company Logo in Your Customer’s Inbox

Verified Mark Certificate VMC

What Is A Verified Mark Certificate?

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is a digital certificate that displays your company logo next to your brand name in your customer’s/client’s email inbox. VMC is a certificate that provides the authenticity of your logo and validates the same to provide more confidence to the recipients about the legitimacy and source of the mail they received, ensuring the trust and reputation of your brand.

VMC Provides Many Key Functions Such As:           

  • Validate the authenticity of your brand name.
  • Associate your organization with your official logo.
  • Stop phishing attacks by stopping spammers and phishers from displaying well-known logos next to their emails.
  • Decrease the chances of misuse of your logo and brand.
  • Ensure the trust and reputation of your brand.


Verified Mark Certificates get issued in the same way SSL/TLS Certificates get issued. VMC will also get issued by the third-party CAs (Certified Authorities) after business gets verified successfully and your email infrastructure is protected and secured completely. We can get you prepared for VMC.


Verified Mark Certificate (VMC): The benefits

  1. Your customers/clients will see your logo in their inbox before they open the mail.
  2. Provide an additional layer of security against spoofing and phishing through DMARC compliance.
  3. Deliver more authenticity, trust, and confidence to the customers by making your logo more visible and differentiate your brand from the competition.
  4. Enhance security and deliverability of your emails directly to your customer’s email inbox.
  5. Assures your customers that your email is from a legitimate and trustworthy sender.
  6. Increases deliverability and open rate by 10 percent.


How Verified Mark Certificates Work?

VMC is coming up with a revolutionary change in the complete email infrastructure. VMC enables the development of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) that ensures to display the brand logo of the legitimate organization in authenticated emails. The VMC certificate validates and confirms to the receiver that an organization has a right to use a logotype.

Verified Mark Certificate VMC

Implementation of DMARC is necessary and required to issue this certificate successfully. DMARC is a free and open technical specification that is used to authenticate an email by aligning SPF and DKIM mechanisms. By having DMARC in place, domain owners large and small can fight business email compromise, phishing, and spoofing and ensures that the domain you are emailing from is secured completely.

Along with implementing DMARC, you need to prove your legal rights to the logotype. This is so because the main purpose of VMC is to validate the organization’s rights to a figurative mark.

Having the right level of email security and a validated and registered figurative mark, you will be able to get the certificate that enables the right to display your logo along with your emails when sent to your customers.


Verified Mark Certificates Validate BIMI Records: How?

Let us discuss here how logo verification is done:

  • The email server will take the URL which is there in the / tag, where the logo is stored.
  • Now the server checks for URL validity. If the URL is valid, the server will use the location of the Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).
  • Next, the certificate verification is done with the published logo. If the email server successfully verifies the logo after the complete verification, the email server accepts it and displays the logo next to the message before the receiver opens the mail in the recipient’s inbox.


Verified Mark Certificates (VMC): The Significance

  • As the verified logos of the organizations are displayed next to the email message, the recipients can differentiate between genuine emails and spoofed emails. This will help the users to identify and avoid spam and spoofed emails.
  • Verified logos will increase the brand reputation and brand visibility and this will lead to better results.
  • Implementation of DMARC increases the incentives for companies and will help email providers to identify genuine emails.

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