In this digital era, when every business has its online presence, it is very important to have secured online business operations. From financial data of users to intellectual properties, organizations need to secure the sensitive data/information of their users/customers to protect their business trust and their brand. One of the effective ways to stay protected online and protect the website is to install an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. It helps in securing the website data and provides a secured connection between the website and the user/customer. SSL encryption is important for all companies, especially those which accept online payments, asking for login details, or where sensitive data of users is stored.

SSL security need not to be expensive, but it is crucial. Data will remain unprotected without proper encryption and hence vulnerable to hackers. Let us discuss the most critical factors that you should consider getting data security on a budget…


  1. Secure the Right Kind of Certificate:

Take out the time to understand all your needs and business requirements and choose the SSL certificate that best fits your website, else you will end up buying multiple certificates with their different renewal dates. Instead of indulging in finding the cheap SSL Certificate that does not even meet your goals and requirements, come to a wise decision about what will suit your needs.

Therefore, you save a lot of money and time in finding the best-suited SSL Certificate for your website.


  1. Make a Wise Decision About Certificate Authority:

Make sure that you are making the right choice to decide about the Certificate Authority otherwise chances are there that you face the issue where the browser shows a “Not Secure” warning and doubt the website’s trustworthiness. Trusted CAs offer you the best security packages and include other security offerings with their SSL Certificate and include a familiar trust seal to boost your customers’ trust and confidence. So, make choices wisely.


  1. Do Not Forget to Compare SSL Certificate Prices:

There are so many CAs selling SSL Certificates at different prices. Some of them might offer you low prices but are slow in processing part. Some could be a little costly, but the reason could be the additional values and security products they are offering with better customer service. So, thoroughly review the contracts and consider the aspects like individual certificate prices, related offers, and discounts, multi-year commitments and then choose wisely.


  1. Get a Wildcard Certificate for Multiple Subdomains:

Choosing a wildcard certificate is a much better option when you are managing one main domain with multiple subdomains. Investing in an individual SSL certificate for every subdomain would be complex as it will compromise installation, tracking, etc. wildcard SSL Certificate provides complete security to unlimited subdomains.

For example, you can secure an individual domain and subdomains like-

–           Domain. com





  1. Buy SSL Certificate for More Than a Year:

The validity of the SSL Certificate has reduced to one year to ensure the security of data and web security. Therefore, businesses need to renew their certificates every year. If you decided to stick to a trusted SSL service provider like JNR Management, you can get a considerable number of discounts, making an upfront payment for the entire duration of MYP (Multi-Year Plan). The SSL certificate will get issued initially for 1 year and set up for “Auto-Renewal” for any subsequent period up to 6 years in a “Multi-Year Pan”- MYP.

Hence, choose an SSL service provider who can automate most of the tasks for you like a renewal of certificates, reissue, etc. they should send a reminder before the expiration date of your certificate.



Take out the time and make complete research about SSL certificates and compare their prices across different vendors before making the purchase. Make sure that you are paying the best price for the encryption certificate you have chosen and getting the best service out of it. If you want a security solution that meets your budget and security goals at the same time, you are at the right place. Get the SSL Certificate with JNR Management platinum partner of DigiCert and ensure the security of every transaction, as we will keep your website and sensitive data of users secured on your behalf.

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