There used to be a time when SSL Certificate was not necessary for every website on the browser, only websites that collect sensitive information or financial information or selling something online were required to buy an SSL Certificate. Today the scenario is different. SSL Certificate is necessary and mandatory for all websites. SSL is a critical standard of data security, even e-commerce websites or simple blog pages. However, an SSL certificate is a compliance necessity for many businesses and IT experts and as a result, they end up buying any certificate-based on pricing aspects.


We, at JNR Management, understand that finding out the right SSL Certificate could be very challenging, and we are always here to help. Continue reading to know more.


SSL: Necessary for All Businesses…

A Critical Point for Data Security:

Internet is a place for all online activities. Cybercriminals and hackers are continuously looking out for an opportunity to gain access to sensitive information of the user available online and also to the digital assets of businesses. Right SSL Certificate controls the power and ability of cybercriminals and helps to provide a secured connection between the server and browser and protects the data in transit. In the absence of an SSL Certificate, the data in transit will be accessible to the public and attackers can steal the information anywhere, anytime.


Affects Rankings on Search Engine:

As SSL Certificate is important for every website, it also affects ranking on search engine. Website security is a critical component when it comes to SEO rankings. As per the Goggle Algorithm, google pushes all websites with SSL certificates to top rankings, and sites with poor security ratings rank lower. It is quite possible that such websites would entirely be omitted by google.

So, even if you collect basic customer information on your website, it is important to have an SSL certificate.


Enhance Customer Experience & Trust:

Websites are important digital properties for every business. They are an important point of connection and interaction between the brand and the user and help to bring in leads which is very important for businesses to bring in sales. The reach of your customers/users will be affected if you have a poor search engine ranking.

Along with this, google chrome and other browsers will automatically show a warning that the connection is not secure when a website does not have an HTTPS prefix in the address bar. So, if your connection is already secured and your website is secured with SSL Certificate, the client will feel more secure interacting with your website and enhance its trust.


How to Buy Best SSL Certificate?

  1. Understand your needs:

The first step in order to buy the best SSL Certificate is understanding the needs of your business, challenges, and security gaps. The clarity on these insights will help you to choose the right SSL Certificate and ensure the security of your website.


  1. Know every type of SSL Certificate:

Know the types of SSL certificates before making any purchase is very important. It will help you to choose the right and best SSL certificate as per your website as it varies from website to website. To this end, you should know what kind of certificate required for your business keeping in mind the purpose and requirements.

Single-level domains are useful for small businesses that need to cover only a single domain and on the other hand, Multi-domain SSL Certificates are useful for businesses that want to manage multiple domains with a single certificate.


  1. Choose the level of validation:

Before issuing a certificate, it is the responsibility of CA (Certificate Authority) to validate the recipient to ensure that he is issuing certificate only to legitimate owners and organizations. So, in the end, the CA will verify certain documents.

Based on the validation process, there are 3 categories of SSL Certificate: Domain Validation, Organization Validation & Extended Validation.

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL: Certificates get issued on the name of a Fully qualified domain name only.
  • Organization Validation (OV) SSL: These certificates are business-level certificates that have complete organizational details such as organization name, address, city, locality, and much more, which become the part of SSL Certificate.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL: These are the highest-level security certificate in which the Org name displays in the Green address bar of the Browser. These certificates eliminate the risk of phishing. Such types of SSL certificates are recommended for E-commerce websites, Transaction websites, Payment gateways, etc.


  1. Choose a trusted SSL Certificate provider:

There is various SSL Certificate provider in the market but choosing any service provider may not result in complete security. You must choose a trustworthy SSL Certificate provider like JNR Management with a Certificate Authority with a solid infrastructure to avoid any type of security failure.



Simply buying an SSL Certificate based on its pricing is not a good choice and can result in making a haphazard SSL purchase. Based on your requirements choose the right SSL certificate that suits best for your business.


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