Simple Steps to Improve Corporate Cyber Security!

Corporate Cyber Security

All organizations including corporates and SMBs hold a huge volume of data relevant to their business which needs to be safely guarded against online threats like malware, ransomware to name a few. So, it is essential to protect and safeguard businesses from online threats for smooth business operations.

Corporate Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not just a thing that can be put together afterward. It is a fundamental practice that needs to be promoted at the ground-up level.


Improve Corporate Cyber Security: Steps to Follow

  1. Updated Policies

As technologies evolve every few weeks so does the risk associated with it if the right mitigations steps are not employed. Remote logins were not so common but since covid-19 has hit, it has become kind of a norm and to avoid any grave repercussions.

Later companies need to think of creating & updating policies around it. Company policies give a proper outline and understanding of the organization’s standards. By composing policies and procedures and updating them with the new technologies, companies can be so sure about their employees that they know their security responsibilities.


  1. Training Team of The Threats

Security threats are dangerous, but the deadliest ones do not happen because of flawed or outdated IT security rather due to human error. Social engineering is one of the techniques that hackers use to get information. To avoid such situations, all the team members should be properly trained to identify common social engineering techniques that attackers use to get sensitive information like passwords which can further be exploited for more dangerous cyberattacks like ransomware.


  1. Vulnerability Assessment

When the data and apps are online, we need to ensure that it is secure, and none can get hands-on information & not supposed to access or cause harm. Exposed APIs or a backdoor in code can be exploited further to take the whole infrastructure down and what better way to prevent is to test it out by doing a vulnerability assessment of the apps and websites.

Participating in big bounty programs along with mention of valid exploits found in the hall of fame is the most common way to attract the best of minds to secure data and information.


  1. Maintain Access Control and Authority.

Access to data should be limited to a bare minimum and only a few people should have the authority to make changes. This is a simple approach to avoid bigger trouble.

Make sure that only right and authorized people are getting access to sensitive information. Letting the right people in is equally important to keep the right people out. Proxies are well known for their strong ability to take care of website traffic providing benefits of privacy and security to the users.  Through a proxy, any sensitive work done over the internet and the information is safe and secured.


Improve Corporate Cybersecurity with JNR:

As a foremost player in PKI Industry, JNR Management provides a powerful suite of tools for improving corporate cybersecurity. JNR enables the corporate cybersecurity team to manage multiple tools providing real-time protection with global security response.

With proper safety and security from online threats, organizations get a high level of trust from their customers/clients that meet their highest legal standards.



Cybersecurity, nowadays, is very challenging, and cyber dangers are becoming a part of day-to-day threats and cybercrimes that need to be addressed quickly. CIOs and IT leaders should continue assessing the technologies and resources and needs to be sure that they have the right defenses to respond and fix the possible threats.

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