Ways To Protect Your Digital Properties…

With the increase in the percentage of the population using the Internet, cybersecurity risks are also increasing day-by-day. You can lose your sensitive data or access to your financial accounts or anything/everything important online. You might end up under arrest if someone commits suicide using your identity.

Protect Your Digital Properties

What things can be done to head off these alarming possibilities? Here are some of the tips that can help you stay safe and protected against these online thieves or cybersecurity threats. None of these tips will guarantee your online safety who has targeted you personally but help you to make sure you and your digital properties are not easy pickings.

  1. Look for ‘s’ in ‘https’ in any e-commerce address: 

When you are interacting with an e-commerce website, always pay attention to the URL address which should include ‘s’ after ‘HTTP.’ This extra character ‘s’ is very important as it indicates that the website you are interacting with is secured. It means there is a secured connection between the Web server and Web browser. It helps to protect & save sensitive data of the user that is sent across when a connection is established by encrypting the data in transit.


  1. Use strong passwords:

The most important way to stay protected online is to pay attention to make your passwords strong. Never use a number or word that someone can relate with you like: your first name, middle name or last name, or your DOB. Always make a good practice to have a combination of letters, numbers, and other special characters. Additionally, never share your passwords with anyone. Make it a habit of changing your passwords many times a year.


  1. Avoid phishing scams:

Scammers use emails or text messages to trap you into giving them your personal or sensitive information. They may try to steal your online credentials, account numbers, or your social security numbers so that they can get access to your emails, bank account, or any other account. To stay safe from such scams, never open an email or attachments if you think the sender is unknown, and do not click on unsecured links from strange emails.


  1. Work with a trusted IT Advisor:

A reliable and trusted IT advisor can help your business deploy such online scams promptly, avoiding downtime before it affects you and your organization. Having the best IT security solutions beforehand is always advisory to stay safe and protected online from such cyber scams.


  1. Be careful with your private information:

Be careful while sharing your private information or sensitive data like your financial information online. Legitimate websites and apps never ask for such sort of information, but on the other hand, hackers always look for such data via email or phone.


  1. Backup your data regularly:

Whether it’s an accidental data leak or hacking of data purposefully, there is usually one layer of defense that can always save the day – is a regular, encrypted, and automatic data backup that helps in quick data recovery. This can be particularly important when a virus like ransomware attacks and attempts to lock important data down.


  1. Do not click on any pop-up ads:

Beware of irritating popup ads with headlines that look too good to be true. One click on such popup ads can make you enter a world full of trouble and redirecting an unsuspecting user to an illicit external site that can make your devices like: your laptop, desktop or mobile devices full of malware or other viruses.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a very good chance to stay safe and protected from digital hacks.


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