Protect your business emails just got easier with S/MIME Certificates Solutions!!!

S/MIME as the name stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions is a technology that allows you to encrypt emails or Digitally signed. On the off chance that you’re pondering “what is S/MIME,” at that point you’ve gone to the appropriate place. This abbreviation, which means for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions alludes to an email marking convention that is utilized to […]

Security Concerns Over Advanced Technologies Like IOT And AI And Its Possible Risk Mitigation Techniques

IOT devices and machines has been an integral part of our daily lives and, is relied upon to increment in nearness as well as to quickly expand entrance into municipal, government and military uses later on. Consider it – your cell phone, your tablet, smart TVs, refregirators, HVAC frameworks, surveillance cameras, printers, and wearables, for example, FitBit and iWatches are […]

Best SSL Certificate Providers Are Your Website’s Guardian – Think Macro

Best SSL Certificate Providers in India – What is SSL certificate, how SSL works or where to buy SSL certificates? If these are your questions, then here you will get meaningful information regarding SSL certificates for sure. Well! The best SSL certificate providers in India and the technology behind SSL certificates! This fusion can undoubtedly work as a guardian of […]

Two Factor Authentication Service Could Fix IT – AT&T Could Have Encountered Brute Force Attack

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Service in India – Did you know that major players in the telecommunication industry such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile could have recently left their customers’ data open for Internet intruders? Fortunately, a major issue, which could have brought devastating results for millions of innocent users was averted. Thanks to a few security researchers who spotted […]

Wish they Had Email Authentication Service – A Company Became Victim of Email Spoofing?

Email Authentication Service, India– Be it personal, professional or financial communication, most of us use emails for communication. Right? But, do you know that a tiny mistake in your email configuration can make you lose your precious money within a click? Yes, you can come across a cyber attack through a trick, called email spoofing, if your email account is […]

What is Server Name Indication (SNI) – Is it a Quick Fix to IPV4 Exhaustion Issue?

In this article, we will learn what is SNI or server name indication technology; its limitations, advantages, difference with SAN & how it works for https-based website with a few scenarios. Let’s dive in! The mushrooming of internet connected devices has led to shortage of IPv4 addresses globally. However, the IPv6 format can fix this issue to some extent, but […]


Did you know that a clone website of Reddit has recently used https/SSL certificate to steal login credentials of thousands of users worldwide? However, SSL certificate is extremely important, but merely having an SSL certificate installed on your website does not make it 100% safe against cybercrime. Reddit is the world’s most popular social media platform, used by millions of […]