Importance Of Choosing The Right Certificate Authority (CA)


A certificate authority is one who issues SSL Certificates to the organizations or individuals after a complete verification process. In a marketplace where the competition is at its peak, it is very important & advantageous to have a trustworthy CA. Choosing the right CA is very critical to ensure safety, security and trust in online businesses. They ensure your website is safe and secure to be used by customers/clients. Be careful while choosing a CA that meets your organization’s needs.



There are 4 factors responsible for choosing the right CA:

  • Customer Service:

While all CAs provide equal services to protect and secure businesses online but they may not function equally. Even if you are an expert service administrator, you will need little help from time to time at the time of deploying an SSL Certificate. So choosing the right CA with great customer service and support will make your job much easier.


  • Optimize Your Efficiency with Tools:

Managing digital certificates may not be easy. They must be installed correctly, use the right endpoint configurations and must follow the best practices to avoid any vulnerabilities.

A right certificate authority will not only issue a certificate but also provide tools to manage the certificate automatically with a more organized approach.


  • Security Reputation:

All certificate authorities must pass with several security audits. However there are many large CAs or small CAs that have made several security errors in the past. So you must keep an eye on evidence of good security postures and ensure they put security as their priority.


  • Adoption Of New Technologies Quickly:

CAs who are leading in adopting new technologies and move away quickly from the old ones are for the long term and more reliable as they provide up-to-date protocol and ensure dependability. Therefore choose the right CA that not only focuses on selling digital certificates but also continues to shape the industry.


Select A CA That Does It All:

In addition to SSL Certificates, there are other important considerations like though leadership, dependable customer service, tools and APIs while choosing the right certificate authority. Just make it easier for yourself in the long run by choosing the right CA that does it all.


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