How to Check SSL Certificate in Google Chrome – Latest Version?

In this article, we are going to learn how to check SSL certificate installed on your Google Chrome browser. So, let’s begin!


The black world of cyber crime has been gaining momentum as fast as a speeding comet. Innocent individuals and organizations all around the world are being targeted by the cyber criminals, playing with the emotions of others for the heck of some money. Every second, people are becoming victims of cyber crime, losing their money, privacy, peace, jobs, and much more. What if the next target is you.

How can you stay secured against website phishing now rather than regretting later?

Before going any further, we should know what is website phishing?

Well! Website phishing is a technique used by cyber criminals to steal login credentials of various online users. They create a similar looking website that appears like the targeted one and rank it on various search engines. For quickly ranking their websites, they either use black hat SEO techniques or paid promotion tactics. The duplicate website appears as the original website, which makes users login into it. The moment login credentials are entered, they are stored by the hackers in their database, which can be used for unethical purposes.  The list of recent website phishing victims includes Reddit and Bitcoin and many, more. These websites are extremely popular and have millions of users worldwide.

So, if the highly popular websites like Reddit and Bitcoin can encounter website phishing attacks, what is the guarantee of your website’s security?

Whether you are a website owner or a website user, website surveillance is extremely important to stay safe against cybercrime.  And, thanks to the defenders of cyber world. Yes, we are talking about top cyber security companies that have been constantly burning their midnight oil just to safeguard your e-world. SSL certificate for website security is proved to be a game changer in the IT security industry. It works on highly secured data encryption mechanism and secures any website by making it run on https protocol. An https-based website is known to be a secured website.

But what if a phishing website also has a basic SSL certificate installed?

It means, that the illegitimate website will also run on https protocol to misguide the innocent online users.

This situation can be avoided by viewing the details of SSL certificate, which is extremely simple. This article will help users comprehend the steps to view SSL certificate in Chrome browser. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open the respective website on your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Click the three-dotted icon, present near to the top-right corner of your browser. Go to ‘More tools’ > ‘Developer tools’ to navigate to the next screen.

Step 3: Another screen appears. Click the arrow mentioned on the right side of this screen, and select the option, ‘Security’ in the menu.


Step 4: Next screen appears wherein you need to click the button, ‘View Certificate’, which will display the ‘Certificate’ pop-up window consisting certificate details. In case you have another question about how to check SSL certificate expiration date, then this pop-up window can be helpful. It includes the SSL certificate information such as website owner’s web url, issuer’s organization name, validity, and certificate path too. Make sure to cross check the details of the website owner and legitimacy of certifying authority before making any financial transaction on any website.    how-to-check-ssl-on-google-chrome1

These details can be extremely useful to check the legitimacy of any website, which can safeguard users against website phishing or other related cyber-attacks.

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