Free SSL certificates: Why You Should Not Use Them?

Free SSL certificates seem to be a very easy and profitable way to protect your business website. In fact, why buy something when you can get it all free from a variety of certification authorities? Free SSL certificates attract every business owner, in the end, it may lead to losses. Let us know why?


  • Free SSL certificates are not trusted by all the companies:

Free SSL certificates are rarely trusted by major companies or big organizations. CAs (Certification Authorities) have both free and paid SSL certificates in their bucket. But both certificates differ in terms of features & advantages. Paid SSL Certificates add more of the advantages to themselves such as the speed of issues, enhanced authentication, etc.


  • Free SSL certificates are not suitable for websites that make payments:

Free SSL certificates are rarely used by those websites which make or receive payments like online stores, banks, financial institutions, microfinance institutions or any other websites that make financial payments because it is completely unclear about who owns the site. People have trust issues with the websites secured with free SSL certificates and thus impact the organizational sale.


  • Free SSL certificates are available mostly as DV (Domain Validation) certificates:

Basically, there are 3 types of SSL certificates: Domain Validation, Organization Validation & Extended Validation. Free SSL certificates are issued only as Domain Validation certificates in which certificates get issued on the name of a Fully qualified domain name only, not as business level certificates or highest-level security certificates.


  • No warranty cover with Free SSL certificates:

Free SSL certificates do not cover any warranty amount which is required to protect your business in case of any breach after implementation of the SSL Certificate.


  • Free SSL certificate cannot cover multiple domains:

Free SSL certificate does not support multiple domains. So, the organizations which have multiple domains cannot secure all websites with a Free SSL certificate.


  • Short certificate lifespan:

Free SSL certificate needs to be renewed after every 3 months. So, repeated renewal is mandatory with free SSL certificates.


There are plenty of reasons to buy a paid SSL certificate that too from a trustworthy SSL certificate provider in India. It becomes even more important to buy a valid SSL with mostly every business moving towards digitalization and the Government itself promoting Digital transformation under the Digital India scheme.

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