FREE OR BUSINESS SSL – Which One Is Right For Your Website?


Being a website owner, you will surely be concerned about your website’s security as well as your users’ data security. We are living in a time where hacking attempts and fraudulent activities are very common in webspace and one malicious attack can damage your site completely and cause users’ data loss. As a result, you need to have an SSL Certificate installed on your website.

Wondering which SSL certificate to go for your website…Free SSL Certificate vs Business SSL Certificate? The bare minimum Free one or the all-inclusive feature-rich paid one. Most people would think Free one works for their website. However, the free versions of SSL certificates have certain drawbacks that the paid ones can resolve very easily.


Let’s quickly know the major differences between these certificates to make an informed decision:


  1. Renewal:

A free SSL Certificate for the website is valid for one month to three months and must renew after every three months, leading to the trouble of recurrent renewals at your end.


Business SSL Certificates have a validity of a complete one year.


  1. Level of Trust:

Free SSL Certificates assist with Domain Level Validation only and do not have the provision of OV (Organization Validation) Certificates and EV (Extended Validation) Certificates.


Business SSL Certificates do come with OV and EV Certificates which are necessary for securing Business Websites. With OV certificates and EV certificates, come visual indicators such as a business name in the URL and certificate information and better site seals.


  1. Warranty: 

With Free SSL Certificate, there is no warranty against data theft or any other kind of cybersecurity breach.


Business SSL Certificates come absolutely with a promise to pay a predetermined warranty amount to the website owner in case if there is any monetary loss due to fraudulent activities.


  1. Technical assistance:

Free SSL Certificates do not provide any technical support and issuing the certificate. So, when any issue arises, you must spend a lot of time and effort in addressing that issue related to free certificates.


Business SSL certificates provide complete technical support and troubleshooting reports throughout the entire validity period.



Whether you have small, medium, or large businesses in the e-commerce, banking, government sector, or any other sector, website security is an aspect that cannot be compromised at any cost. Undoubtedly, SSL is an ideal choice to safeguard your website against cyberattacks.

While the Free SSL Certificates grab attention, especially if you are in a business, it will not serve the intended purpose of security. A business SSL Certificate can take website trust, business credibility, and customer trust & experiences to the next level.



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