Everything is getting Digital nowadays clearly for good.

When in terms of business, going paperless can be the way to expand productivity that will in the long run increment deals, Refrain the hassle of paperwork, which was never convenient in the history of mankind. Just like other things, signatures are also going paperless, and paperless signing or Document Signing are accomplished through Digital Signing. Now what next let’s talk about Digital transformation through Document Signing, as name states Digital transformation refers to society’s move to digital technology. The term is to a great extent used to refer to digital business change: the procedure of a business essentially changing its activities to take full leverage of Digital technologies.

Now it is a time to transit and Go Digital. There’s no compelling reason to sound the cautions and go into panic situation in case regardless you’re utilizing great outdated pen and paper signatures, yet now is a decent time to consider switching.

Try not to mistake electronic signatures for a Digital Signatures. Although these two terms are frequently utilized reciprocally, they hold various implications with the key distinction being that Digital Signatures include cryptography.

There are various question that may concern for this like, Are e-signed documents are legally protected and secure?

In profoundly controlled businesses and for high-esteem exchanges, you need the most lawful insurance to maintain a strategic distance from client questions. Search for an e-signature arrangement that has procedure proof to catch the means a client took to e-sign a record. Likewise consider an e-signature arrangement with implanted review trails that keep a point by point log of time stamps of the client’s means when e-marking a record.


Advantages of Document signing:

  • Sets up Document creation and integrity
  • It saves your time and resources by adopting paperless work.
  • It boosts your client confidence level
  • Increase speed of production while diminishing overhead expenses.
  • Strengthen security. When it comes to keeping confidential information secure, an electronic signature is
    one of the most important things you can have.
  • Cut costs. Paper and printing can get expensive.
  • Improve digital workflow.
  • Increase storage space.
  • Spend more time with clients and less time chasing paper.


JNR Management provide such solutions(Document Signing Solutions in Delhi) to one of the Top Indian Automotive Company, who had a requirement wherein they wanted to implement PKI based infrastructure for the purpose of login authentication and digital signing of dealer Invoices, Challans & Claims after they get generated from their internal applications with their Authorized Signer’s digital certificate. 4500+ dealers had their digital signatures stored in Cryptographic USB Tokens. Our solution integrated with their existing & new web application to enable functionalities of signing, verification, encryption and decryption within the application (ERP) without changing the existing workflow. This solution can sign all types of files.

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