Encrypted Emails: How to Send Encrypted Emails?

When emails were invented by Ray Tomilson in the 1970s it was not designed keeping security or privacy in mind. Of course, email security has advanced since the 1970s, but it is not a secure method of communication. When you write an email, it is more like a postal letter. You write an email, mentioned address on which is to be delivered but you are relying on other people in between to deliver the letter for you, hoping that the letter or email lands with the right person and nobody reads it along the way. Means the communication happen in the form of encrypted emails.


But unfortunately, you cannot be certain, yet businesses of all sizes are using email to communicate very sensitive information related to business over email. However, there is a way to secure your information, it is called email encryption which basically means that your email data is encrypted into an unreadable format using one of various encryption mechanism which is quite advanced now, at source and decrypted at receiver’s end and is also encrypted throughout its course.

Emails are essentially the most vulnerable source for information leaks and distortion, and it is our responsibility to keep our information safe. Imagine, sending an unencrypted email to someone and in transit, an attacker captures those packets of data to extract sensitive information and use it against you and your company. To safeguard ourselves from such threats we need to ensure that all our teammates are aware of the threats and companies make necessary investments in email encryption mechanisms.


End to end Email Encryption:

End-to-end email encryption, also known as public encryption, ensures that email messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted on the receiver’s device only. Servers in between cannot read the messages/communication.


Both parties send signed test emails to each other in order to exchange their public key. Public key is now deposited in each other repository.

Now, sender and receiver will use each other’s public key for encryption and both will use their own private key to decrypt the messages.




In end-to-end email encryption, encryption is performed by using the public keys and private keys. The sender uses the public key of the receiver to encrypt the message and on the other hand, the receiver decrypts the message by using a private key that is stored on their device.


End to end Email Encryption is important because:

  • Privacy:

    Every company or government organization wants to keep their information or data private and utilizing encryption completely secures the data and keeps it private from unauthorized access.


  • Cost-effective:

    A cost that incurs in the process completely depends on how your email encryption service is set up. If companies use an email service with encryption integrated directly into the server, they need not purchase any other server for encryption purposes and thus saves cost.


  • Efficiency:

    Email encryption does not require a multi-step process. Users can type the emails and send them quickly and more securely.


  • Authentication:

    Spamming of emails is alive but using end-to-end encryption can help users identify an authentic sender. Utilizing encryption with digital signing ensures that the sender is authentic, and the message is untampered. This method prevents spoofed emails.


  • Secure Communication:

    It does not allow any third party to read the message. Communication happened only between the sender and receiver.


Initial Setup for Encrypting Emails with S/MIME:

In order to set up email encryption with S/MIME, individual should look for the following points:

  • Get an email encryption certificate, import it into outlook, and finally share it with the intended recipients.
  • Verify that each intended recipient has purchased an email encryption certificate and installed it into outlook or on another alternative S/MIME compatible email platform. This email encryption certificate should be shared with the sender.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the required steps to send an encrypted email.


End to End encryption for email or for any other communication over the internet is essential and they are vulnerable particularly phishing attacks, intermediary attacks, and so on.

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