Display Your Company’s Logo in Your User’s Inbox: Few Tips Learned from The VMC Gmail Pilot!

Verified Mark Certificate

Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) is a digital certificate that displays your company logo next to your brand name in your customer’s/client’s email inbox. VMC is a certificate that provides the authenticity of your logo and validates the same to provide more confidence to the recipients about the legitimacy and source of the mail they received, ensuring the trust and reputation of your brand.

Gmail is using Verified Mark certificates (VMCs) in order to display trademarked logos in the user’s inbox and more clients are being expected to follow the suit.


Importance of VMCs:

  • In the long term, VMCs ensure that your customers see your organization’s logo in their inboxes on email platforms.
  • VMCs provide an extra layer of online security and protection against spoofing attacks with DMARC compliance.
  • VMCs deliver a more authentic and better brand experience from email to conversion.
  • VMCs distinguish your message from the clutter.


Lessons Learned:

Before you request for VMC, pay attention to the following few tips and some common pitfalls that we learned while conducting the pilot:

  1. Make Sure Your Logo Is In Right Format:

The unique new SVG format is required for BIMI to get and install a VMC certificate for your organization. In order to get your VMC, make sure your logo is in the right format. VMC requires your logo to be in SVG Tiny 1.2 format. The BIMI working group has several conversion tools to make all the required changes to your logo or you can do it by yourself by using Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Verify That Your Logo Is Trademarked:

Before requesting VMC, you must verify that your logo is trademarked in one of the eligible jurisdictions. Trademarked logos provide legal protection to the holder of a trademark. So, IMI requires organizations to use a logo that is trademarked before receiving a VMC.

For now, the following eight intellectual property offices are recognized by the VMC Guidelines:

  • The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office,
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office,
  • UK Intellectual Property Office,
  • Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt,
  • Japan Trademark Office,
  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office O.A.
  • IP Australia.


  1. Become DMARC Complaint:

The sending domain should be DMARC enforced, and you will be required a DMARC with either “p=quarantine” or “p=reject”.

Do check with your domain if it is DMARC compliant or not. Your sending domain must be DMARC enforced in order to get VMC for your organization. If your domain is not a DMARC complaint, set up DMARC to qualify for VMC.


  1. Know The Things to Do To Get It the First Time:

Make sure you have followed all the above steps before ordering a VMC for your organization. If you make a request before the process, it will delay the process and approval for VMC.

It may take time in order to get your logo trademarked and ensure DMARC compliance so get started now so that everything goes with the flow and your organization is ready to request for VMC.


  1. Purchase and install VMC:

After accomplishing everything, make a request to purchase VMC for your organization and install it so that your logo starts displaying in your customer’s inbox.


Get Your VMC Today

Contact Us to get a VMC for your organization. The process requires registering a logo and becoming a DMARC complaint and may take several weeks. The larger the organization, the longer time it will take. So, get started today and make sure your organization is DMARC compliant. Learn more about preparing for a VMC here.

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