DigiCert Smart Seal: A Smarter Symbol Of Trust!

DigiCert Smart Seal

DigiCert smart seal is a dynamic seal that provides a high level of security and helps your website gain user confidence from visitors as they are assured that their data and information are safe and secured on the web. A DigiCert smart seal is a real-time security indicator enabled through various micro-interactions happening via smart seal present on the web page, it provides validation to your website and ensures that it is protected by SSL Certificate from a trusted certificate authority like DigiCert.

When visitors roll over the DigiCert Smart Seal on the website, they see the following information:

  • The company’s logo has been verified by DigiCert.
  • Useful information about the website security has been delivered to the seal.


This seal acts as a guarantee thus the users feel more secured while interacting with a webpage and also validation process works well with corporate firewalls in order to verify a site’s legitimate identity.


Did You Know???

DigiCert smart seal is the first seal to display the logo of the website’s owner and other necessary details in a verified brand logo. Also, it is the first-ever smart seal that brings previous information inside the digital certificate and displays it for users so that they can understand it and be assured of the high standard of security you provide while they are interacting with the website.

The DigiCert smart seal provides the following information to users to take an active role in safeguarding their online activity:

  • Present a detailed splash page in easy-to-understand terms that help the users be assured about site security practices.
  • Website security guidelines that are active such as blocklist check, Certificate Transparency (CT) log monitoring and vulnerability assessment scans – everything with just one click.
  • When a user is using DigiCert secure site pro certificate, it provides PCI compliance status.
  • Confirmation that the site has been checked against more than 70 known blocklists for malware.


A Smarter World Needs A Smarter Symbol Of Trust:

Since the early days of the internet, the world has changed a lot and thus, a smarter symbol of trust is required in order to safeguard the data and make it more secured and safer from unauthorized access.

DigiCert Smart Seal

  1. Proven To Increase Conversions:

DigiCert Smart Seal boosts the confidence of customers instantly by displaying a symbol of trust that website users can recognize, followed by a trusted certificate authority of the world.


  1. Designed To Be Seen And Understood:

DigiCert Smart Seal is web-friendly and animated. So, it catches the user’s eye very easily and makes the seal harder to spoof. With just a single click, users get the details of the site and a detailed view of the certificate.


  1. The Mark Of A Security-Minded Brand:

With Verified Mark Certificate (VMC), you can put security at the center of your brand and integrate your company’s logo directly with seal animation.

DigiCert Smart Seal


DigiCert Smart Seal: Benefits

  • Displaying a Smart Seal on your website is a way forward to a high level of security and safety of the information and data on the website.
  • The smart seal provides a high level of security and confidence to the visitors about their data being safe on the web.
  • Users can access all security features that are available on the website with just a single click.
  • DigiCert Smart Seal confirms that the site has been checked the blocklist for malware practices.
  • As DigiCert smart seal display a symbol that users know and recognize, so it increases conversion rate as users feel more confident and secured.


Ready For An Upgrade?

As HTTPS has changed in recent years, users cannot just rely on the padlock symbol for their data security. They need to look beyond the lock to get a high level of assurance and trust that they are visiting the legitimate website.

That’s where DigiCert smart seal comes. With a smart seal, your website is upgraded to the most advanced and modern web security. It also helps organizations to demonstrate that they take web security seriously and allows you to communicate a powerful message to your end customers that you take their security very seriously which would in turn offer peace of mind to them and their experience much better.


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