Cyber Security Predictions for 2021

COVID-19 has been an active factor behind organizations becoming agile in ramping up their Digital Transformation strategy.  The world has changed in transacting business & study. People and enterprises alike have realized the importance of WHF culture and etiquettes. And this has initiated the most important practice to recognize the cybersecurity threats that have arisen sharply while working remotely.

Cyber Security Predictions

Here are our 2 cents on how the cybersecurity landscape would look like in the future. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest updates about cybersecurity and how you can leverage it to your benefit.


Cyber Security Threats we anticipate in the future and steps to mitigate them:

  1. Ransomware attacks on the rise:

With more and more people working remotely it is obvious that cyber criminals with malicious intentions are much more active now than ever and we can see more ransomware attacks happening. Although we can prevent ourselves by using some right investments in IT infra and promoting education on cybersecurity. We must make it a habit to be doubly sure about What We Click!

Thumb rule says, look for ‘s’ in HTTPS and then verifying the domain name. The S means that the website holds a valid SSL certificate. Though this is not foolproof method to identify the Website’s Security but is definitely the first step. To know more about SSL certificates read this article on SSL certificates. (change this link)


  1. Attack on IoT devices:

Most IoT products around us today are not well designed in terms of security, we foresee a rise in IoT devices being hacked to gain information and to malfunction. We see IoT botnets all around us. Collecting data & Hacking in ways never imagined before. {elaborate on this newspaper report }

We can stress now more than ever about the importance of Device Based Certificates to protect your IoT devices from intrusion. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also, when most people are working remotely, we need to ensure the security of the infrastructure and the IT assets.


  1. AI-based attacks:

With more and more advancements in AI-based technologies, we can expect some AI-based attacks also happening in years to come. But we can also use the same technologies to build a safety mechanism to protect against those challenges and JNR management would be the first to bring those services to you once they are available and we are absolutely on top of it.


  1. Online fraud:

On the pretext of offering free COVID-19 tests and now COVID Vaccines besides other Healthcare services some people might receive calls asking for small fees or links with signup fees to avail such services but are a trap to loot money from innocent people and the only solution is to be vigilant of such traps and being cautious.


  1. Travel:

Forced by the new normal, people will soon start traveling to other cities. Fraudsters are looking to take the advantage of this and will start targeting vacation starved travelers looking for online good deals or via email. Phishing attack is the tool of choice for scammers and will be leveraged successfully by them.


  1. Increase in cybersecurity budgets:

55% of the C-level Enterprise Executive’s plan to ramp up their Cybersecurity Budgets in 2021 and others are adding full-time trained cyber staff in their organizations. Cybersecurity is becoming extremely business-critical than ever before. The circumstances are putting more pressure on security organizations to stay safe and secure from cyber scams.

 And there you have it. Here at JNR Management, we look to the future, so we can offer the best protection in the present.

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