Two Factor Authentication Service Could Fix IT – AT&T Could Have Encountered Brute Force Attack

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Service in India – Did you know that major players in the telecommunication industry such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile could have recently left their customers’ data open for Internet intruders? Fortunately, a major issue, which could have brought devastating results for millions of innocent users was averted. Thanks to a few security researchers who spotted this issue at the right time and saved customer information from being exploited by hackers.


We will discuss each case one by one and starting with T-Mobile’s episode. Here, in this case, it was an engineering issue found between Apple’s online store and T-Mobile’s API that is used for account validation. The T-Mobile’s API allowed users to perform unlimited login attempts on an online form, which would captivate hackers to hit the app with brute-force attack by guessing an account PIN.

Next case belongs to a phone insurance company, namely Asurion and its AT&T customers. It also had the similar security flaw wherein any anonymous user with customer’s phone number can perform multiple login attempts to land into customer’s dashboard. Well! this flaw could also lead to brute force attack, which is based on guessing any passcode via various permutation and combinations.

Thanks to Buzzfeed News that reported the issue immediately that let these companies perform the preventive measures.

That’s not all! Sprint’s internal staff portal was recently accessed by security researchers owing to weak usernames and passwords and absence of two factor authentication. It lets researchers access customer information of Sprint and Virgin Mobile with ease. Gaining this access could lead to change in customer’s information and their PINs with brute force attacks. However, the companies are working to fix this issue.

If such big brands can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, how safe are you?

Well! here comes the role of two factor authentication service. Staring with the definition of two factor authentication, and later we will understand the advantages of two factor authentication service. Let’s quickly grab all that!

What is Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication, is a security mechanism that needs two authentication factors to ensure the identity of any user. In other words, it provides users with an extra layer of security that protects their online accounts beyond username and password. The second factor of authentication could either be a security token or a bio-metric factor.

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Top 3 Benefits of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Service

Augmented Security:

There are chances that passwords are lost or forgotten. In some cases, people tend to write their passwords on a piece of paper, which can be misused by someone. Thus, two factor authentication improves the online security by sending a unique OTP (One Time Password) on user’s mobile number that needs to be authenticated on the app/website. It can be configured on login, transaction or any other sensitive process/function hosted on any website/app. It certainly helps you get rid of brute force attacks.

Enhanced Productivity:

The revolution in technology has been taking productivity to new heights in every business vertical. It facilitates your employees to gain access to any shared system, database or server even if they are on go. Hence, they are always connected securely, and perform their job without the fear of data security issues.

Reduced Helpdesk Cost:

According to a research, it is found that at least 25-45 percent support calls are received by the helpdesk belong to password resets. If it’s a large company, then you hire multiple helpdesk executives to manage call volume. Since two factor authentication facilitates users to quickly reset their password on their own in a secured way, the helpdesk cost can be reduced drastically.

In today’s fast-paced world, data is considered an asset. So, secure it by availing 2FA service by one of the best two factor authentication service providers today.

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