Is your website not running on https? Have you forgotten to renew your SSL certificate? Unsure about the right SSL certificate for your website? If yes, then you will get an answer here.

Thanks to some of the best IT security companies that are burning their midnight oil to boost cyber security globally. Owing to an upswing in cyber-crime in the year 2018, SSL certificate is acknowledged as a weapon that guards our websites against the Internet attacks. Moreover, they help our website visitors develop faith in our products and services. They let website visitors validate our organization’s details through SSL certificate installed on the website.

Insufficient knowledge of web security and difficulties to find the best SSL certificate service providers are the reasons that only 5% websites are running on ‘https’ protocol. It means that 95% of non-https websites are still standing at the danger end and can be the victim of cyber-attack at any time.

Hurdle In Switching To Https? Who Will Be The Victim Of Cyber-Attack In 2018-2019

Data plays a vital role in the progress of every work segment regardless of its size. But, unfortunately, small business users are suspicious about the authenticity of SSL certificates. In other words, they still consider them as a taboo. Some of them turn back due to the cost factor. They do not believe that low price SSL certificates are also available in the market that promise robust website security. This is the main hurdle that restricts them to install SSL certificate on their website (s). But, facts are far away from these perceptions. Today, you can easily install SSL certificate on your website at low price. But, make sure that you are buying SSL certificate from a reliable IT security company.

What May Happen If Your Website Does Not Have SSL Certificate Installed?

Let’s discuss it from a start-up’s viewpoint. Start-ups are also empowered with a massive customer database and sell products or services globally likewise large enterprises. But, have you ever imagined the outcome, if this data is stolen or edited through unethical web access?

Well! You may lose customers. Orders may get delivered to wrong places, prices of products may get tempered. Vendor details could be edited or even the complete database could be deleted. That is just a tip of an iceberg. A lot more can happen due to overlooking IT security measures, which can devastate your business completely. And, recovering from this destruction will certainly be a daunting task in today’s competitive world.

The Major Hurdles That Restrict Any Business Owner To Buy SSL Certificates:

Type of SSL Certificate: There are various types of SSL certificates starting from low price SSL to the most expensive ones. To choose the appropriate type of SSL certificate for your website, you need to consult an SSL expert and consider the following questions:

  • Are you looking to use a single SSL certificate on multiple websites?
  • Do you need to get SSL certificate on different sub domains (e.g.,, of a single website?
  • Do you want your website visitors to view an image stating, ‘Secured Connection’ in their url bar?
  • Are you looking to have a website security seal placed on your website?
  • The renewal options for SSL certificate?

In order to get further details on it, you can get assistance from any Certified Authority (CA) dealing in IT security.

The Price Factor: Most of the small-scale businessmen do not know that they can opt for the cheapest SSL certificates as well. The basic type of certificate is known as Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate, which is quick and extremely easy to buy. As far as security is concerned, it is as good as any expensive certificate wherein the costly SSL certificates display further information about any organization.

Availability of SSL Certificates Providers: As mentioned before, finding the right SSL certificate service provider is difficult at times, which makes the buyer suspicious about the authenticity of SSL cert. In order to get the best deal in SSL certificate, it is recommended keeping a check on the service provider’s track record. Make sure to choose the best IT security company to buy the most efficient SSL certificate for your website. These companies also help you experience an easy SSL certificate renewal process to make your website secured forever.

The right time to take an action is now because you never know if your website is encircled under the hit list of any hacker.

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