Wish they Had Email Authentication Service – A Company Became Victim of Email Spoofing?

Email Authentication Service, India– Be it personal, professional or financial communication, most of us use emails for communication. Right? But, do you know that a tiny mistake in your email configuration can make you lose your precious money within a click? Yes, you can come across a cyber attack through a trick, called email spoofing, if your email account is not configured according to the required security standards.

Let’s know what is email spoofing in the beginning. And, then we will discuss the recent case study of email spoofing and the solution, which is email authentication service.


Well! email spoofing is a technique that is used to perform fraudulent email activities by altering part (s) of any email address to make it appear as genuine. It is performed by making a tiny change in any of the alphabets/numerical values of the targeted email address or its domain to perform illicit online activities.

The Recent E-mail Spoofing Case Study: What happened with this Mumbai Based Engineering Company

This time this engineering company in Mumbai was targeted by cyber criminals. Hackers fraudulently transferred the amount in their account, which was supposed to be transferred to a German based company for supplying some spare parts of crane. Let’s understand it more clearly!

  1. With prior research, hackers intercepted the email communication of this Mumbai based engineering company.
  2. This engineering company placed a purchase order to a German based company via email. The vendor (German based company) confirmed the order along with the request of payment plan.
  3. The payment was made by the Mumbai based engineering company according to the payment plan.

Now, here’s the twist in the story!

This German company did an initial follow-up for payment collection, which made the engineering company suspicious about the transaction. On request, the vendor cross checked the account details once again and confirmed that the payment was not made in their account.  After getting information, some senior officials of the engineering company reviewed the emails. They found that their finance team received the payment collection email from another email address that appeared legitimate but did not belong to the vendor’s domain name. Hence, the account number mentioned in the email belonged to hackers.

In nutshell, the hackers spoofed the email address of this German based company and sent a payment collection email to the Mumbai based company along with their account details. This is how they got the money transferred in their account and attacked this Mumbai based company with email spoofing.

This situation could have been easily avoided if these companies had availed email authentication service beforehand. Want to know how? Let’s get into the core of email authentication services.

Email Authentication Service – The Savior in this Scenario

Email authentication has gained drastic popularity over the years, and it has been mandated by a few governments and regulatory bodies globally. It is used to get rid of email spoofing and facilitates ISPs to authenticate the sender of email (s). The right implementation of email authentication blocks phishing and makes sure that the email is not forged. Here’s the detail about its workflow:

Security Standards: Email authentication works on a few standards including SPF, DKIM, DMARC and leverages global threat intelligence to safeguard you against email spoofing. These standards were developed to empower SMTP, which is a basic protocol for sending emails. These new standards came into the picture because SMTP did not have the authentication mechanism.

White Listing Mechanism: Being powered with the methodology of white listing makes Email Authentication more prevalent. In other words, you will only receive emails from the domains that are marked as whitelist (trusted) in your email security policies. Hence, you will never receive spoofing messages, as they will be blocked at the DNS handshake level.

Benefits of Email Authentication Service

Puts a Full Stop on Phishing: Email authentication does not stop hackers from sending emails, but it can certainly stop those emails from landing into your mailbox.

Improves Trust and Deliverability: The security features involved in email authentication improves the trust and deliverability of email. Thus, you can easily streamline various business parameters.

Hassle-free Implementation of Email Authentication via Advanced Dashboard: The cutting-edge dashboard provided to you with email authentication service helps you monitor legitimate as well as illegitimate emails. It lets you quickly implement the email authentication without any major technical expertise. Furthermore, you can also track additional details about illegitimate emails (i.e., sender, number of emails, email content, etc.)

Get the best out of email authentication service and have complete visibility of emails that are originated from various resources of your domain.  Moving forward, be alert, safe and contended with the right email authentication service.

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