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Buy SSL Certificate & Boost SEO Ranking in 2018

Buy SSL Certificate & Boost SEO Ranking in 2018

Date : 5 Jan 2018 By : Fred Williams

How can SSL certificate boost SEO? If you are confused about the benefits of SSL certificate for any website, then this piece of information will indeed be helpful. The objective of developing any technology is focused on innovating for the betterment of society. But, unfortunately, this world consists of several types of people. Some are positive and believe.... Continue Reading

Best IT Security Companies – Combating 50% More Cyber Attacks in 2018-2019

Date : 10 Feb 2018 By : Admin

Is your website not running on https? Have you forgotten to renew your SSL certificate? Unsure about the right SSL certificate for your website? If yes, then you will get an answer here.

Thanks to some of the best IT security companies that are burning their midnight oil to boost cyber security globally. Owing to an upswing in cyber-crime in the year 2018, SSL certificate is acknowledged as a weapon that guards our websites against the Internet attacks. Moreover, they help our website visitors develop faith in our products and services..... Continue Reading